Kudos Neem and Clove Toothpaste

  • NZ $7.00

Toothpaste for all around protection which includes fresh breath, healthy gums, strong teeth and Gum tightening protection.

Kudos Neem Clove Toothpaste is a blend of rare herbs and minerals like Neem, Ajmoda, Tumburu, Pudina, Tulsi, Clove etc which helps in reducing inflammation, pain and have anti-microbial properties. It thoroughly cleans the teeth. It helps in reducing tooth sensitivity and pain. The main herbs used are Neem which is bitter and Tumbru which are astringent. Clove acts as a mouth freshener and also maintains strong teeth and gums. 

With dual benefits of Neem and Clove, this gum protection toothpaste is ideal for sensitive teeth as it provides complete protection

It also helps remove plaque and tartar.

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